Morningstar TriStar 45A Charge Controller

Morningstar TriStar 45A Charge Controller

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The TriStar™ is a three-function PWM controller for larger systems, providing reliable PWM solar battery charging or load control or diversion regulation. The controller operates in one of these modes at a time and two or more controllers may be used to provide multiple functions. The TriStar uses advanced technology and automated production to provide exciting new features at a competitive cost to regulate battery charging in home systems and professional applications. The 60 amp version is also available with a factory installed meter. “It is a Morningstar, what do you expect! It is great.”

Key features and benefits


  • Built for reliability and performance, with an oversized heatsink and overspec’d components. Fully-rated for operation at temperatures up to 45C.


  • More information with LED indicators. Optional meter displays extensive system and controller information in five languages; automatic self-test and


  • Communications capability with RS-232 port, connects to a PC for custom settings, data logging, remote monitoring and control.


  • SNMP monitoring supported when used with Ethernet MeterBus Converter so you can view system current, voltages, and alerts in your network management system.


  • Fully adjustable with DIP switches for seven digital presets. Additional
    custom setting via RS-232.


  • Extensive electronic protection against reverse polarity, short circuits,
    overcurrent and excessive temperature.


  • Low telecom noise. DIP switch setting will change PWM to “On-Off” battery charging.


  • Fanless design for long-term reliability.


TS-45 Spec Sheet

TS-45 User Manual