Morningstar ProStar 30A Charge Controller

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The ProStar solar charge controller has been the leading mid-range pulse width modulation (PWM) controller since 1995. With over 350,000 units installed in the harshest environments in over 100 countries, ProStar sets the standards in performance and reliability for the rest of the solar industry.

The Generation 3 ProStar shares the outstanding build quality and familiar form factor of its predecessors and adds data and lighting control capabilities, a graphical interface, and advanced protection features that meet the needs of today’s most demanding off-grid solar applications. ProStar provides both “the legend and the latest” in a single new product.

“…you get what you pay for, and this one is worth every penny…count on Morningstar.”


Key features and benefits


  • High Reliability
    Latest electronic and environmental protections, quality control,
    and design considerations comply with IEC 62109 and promote
    longevity in the harshest environments


  • High Temperature Operation
    Full nameplate current rating, both solar and load up to 60°C


  • Auto-Battery-Select
    12V and 24V systems


  • Data Logging
    Up to 256 days of solar charge and load consumption data 


  • Self-diagnostics
    Continuous monitoring and reporting of any errors or system
    faults through its status LED’s, optional display and
    communication port


  • Meter
    High resolution LCD, multi-lingual backlit graphical display of system voltage, current, temperature, lighting settings, etc.


  • Custom Programming
    Dip switches, meter interface, or connection with a computer can be
    used to adjust charging, load communications, and lighting control


  • Low Noise Design
    Meets US Federal Communications Commission Class B specifications


  • Automatic Solar-Based Lighting Control
    Field adjustable, multi-event load control enables powerful options for
    solar lighting systems


  • MODBUS Communications
    Open standard MODBUS communications protocol allows for control
    and remote data access


  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Monitoring
    Provides more detailed monitoring of all system data with existing IT
    management and architecture when connected to EMC-1 accessory

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