12 Volt 95 Ah

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Renewable Power Batteries-Deep Cycle

Renewable energy is the power of the future. But even the most powerful solar cells do not generate at night. Crown deep cycle batteries deliver consistent and reliable power both day and night and that means that you can keep your system running all day and night without compromise. Once you compare all the other renewable energy batteries in the world today, you’ll find there’s really no comparison: Recognized as “High Quality” and “Best Available” by serious system users.


This is where your solar and wind power investment pays off. In renewable energy storage systems that feature the reliability and longevity delivered by Crown Batteries.
  • The most complete, dedicated array of deep cycle batteries as compared with other manufacturers
  • Battery capacity ratings that range from 120 to 3690 ampere-hours (100 Hour Rate)
  • Recognition of Crown Renewable Power Batteries as “Best Available” and “Most Reliable” by serious renewable energy system owners
Crown Renewable Batteries are Heavy And That’s Important
Because “heavy” means energy dense plates that use more active lead material. Heavier plates that use more active lead materials are directly related to stronger battery performance and longevity. So other things being equal, batteries with more active lead material will last the longest. And Crown leads the industry in terms of lead content per ampere-hour of rated capacity, period. No other renewable energy battery in the world can compete with the assured performance of Crown. No other manufacturer takes this Response Ability as seriously. Compared to Crown Deep Cycle Batteries, there’s really no comparison