6 Volt 330 Ah AGM Battery

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CROWN1™’s advanced sealed technology is ideal for renewable energy systems. More power. Less maintenance. Long Life. All performance.

Build A Better Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Innovation is at the core of Crown Battery’s strategic vision. We innovate to find solutions. Some of our solutions become industry standards for product design and manufacturing practices. For Crown Battery innovation is a tradition.

With CROWN1 AGM batteries, innovation became an ideal by applying a simple philosophy: “If you’re going to do it, do it right.” So everything – from the most refined raw materials, to a custom-engineered manufacturing system, to the experienced people in our plant who volunteered to make the CROWN1 – everything had to be better. And it is.

Advanced process technology ensures the highest levels of quality and dependability. People around the world perform increasingly complex work that requires the highest levels of reliability from energy storage sources. The technology behind CROWN1 batteries assure the power demands of people throughout the world – making life easier, healthier and more productive

Purpose Built:

Solving complex application challenges that keep people safe and delivers reliable power to complete essential work.
  • All Critical Applications
  • Maintenance Free 
  • Super Clean AGM Lead Batteries 
  • Safest, Most Sustainable Energy Storage Option 
  • Robust Design Tolerates Deep Discharge 
  • Sealed, Spill proof and Easy to Deploy
The Power Behind Performance = Value
Beyond a broad product array, beyond a long history of delivering power to customers throughout the world, there’s a design principle here that’s even more important to our customer philosophy: It’s called real value. It’s a rare commodity in a world of choices for energy storage and one where you receive more than what you pay for. And with CROWN1 you’ll find our AGM Deep Cycle Batteries deliver one of the highest value positions in the global energy storage marketplace
  • No Watering
  • No Gassing
  • No Maintenance
  • No Comparison
  • Literally

AGM Battery Maintenance 

AGM Battery Brochure

6CRV330 Spec Sheet