Morningstar ProStar 40A MPPT Charge Controller

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ProStar MPPT

ProStar MPPT™ solar charge controller is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 1100 watts. All versions include load control and TrakStar™ Technology to maximize PV efficiency and energy harvest.

The ProStar design has been proven in over two decades of use in the world’s most demanding installations—and ProStar today reflects Morningstar’s policy of continuous improvement through regular upgrades and enhancements. Because Morningstar’s employee-owned culture never “rests on success,” ProStar customers can own both a legend and the latest in a single product.

Best of the best. Have used and seen many others. This is the most durable…”

Watch the video to see what makes ProStar MPPT different from the inside out.


Key features and benefits

  • High Reliability – conformally coated circuit board, corrosion resistant terminals, premium high-frequency CoilCraft inductors, over-spec’d components, transient surge suppression, and lowest published failure rate in the industry.


  • Automatic PV Based Lighting Control – field adjustable, multi-event load control enables powerful options for PV lighting systems.


  • Maximizes Energy Harvest – using TrakStar MPPT Technology to determine and adjust to the true maximum power point as solar insolation changes throughout the day.


  • MODBUS Communications – Solar Industry Standard MODBUS communications protocol allows for easy programming, control, remote data access and charge synchronization.


  • SNMP Monitoring – when used with the EMC-1 accessory to enable your network management systems to display key solar power metrics and alert/fault codes.


  • High Efficiency – at low, medium, and high output power levels to maximize energy harvest and minimize heat buildup inside the controller.


  • High Strength – polycarbonate case and extruded aluminum heatsink.


  • Data Logging – up to 256 days of detailed power and load data.


  • Self Diagnostics – continuous monitoring and reporting of any errors through its status LED’s, optional display or communication port.


  • Low Noise Design – meets US Federal Communications Commission Class B specifications.


  • Meter – allows adjustments to charging, lighting, and load control settings without a computer.


  • Fanless design for long-term reliability–no moving parts to fail, no dirt and debris sucked into the controller, and no parasitic load to reduce efficiency.


PS-MPPT-40M Spec Sheet

PS-MPPT-40M User Manual