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Submersible/Float Pumping System 2000 Gal/d

  Price: $3,589.00 CAD
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RPS Water Pumping Systems

The revolutionary RPS Water Pumping Systems sets a new standard for solar pumping systems. RPS Pumping Systems set new benchmarks for system value, simplicity, reliability, longevity, and portability allowing remote water pumping requirements to be meet easily and economically. For more information on a RPS Water Pumping System, please contact us today.

Why Buy an RPS Water Pumping System?
We have a range of solar water pumping system to meet virtually any need. RPS Systems are the result of years of experience and the need for extremely reliable and cost effective pumping systems.

What it Included with a battery based RPS System?

RPS Water Pumping Systems equipped with the RULE pump are designed for those applications where low lift and high volume is required. The RULE pump is rated lift up to 10 vertical feet and can be placed in dugouts, ponds, rivers, streams and creeks.

Lift Gallons per Day
5’ 1,879-2,610
10’ 1,336-1,856