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Solar Trader's line of innovative solar lighting products are specifically designed for our harsh Canadian climate. Our products are designed to fully operate during the winter months, taking into account heavy snow accumulation, prolonged overcast periods, and cold temperatures. Factoring these parameters into our design has allowed us to create a product that outperforms the competition but which is still competitively priced. 

Our Line Of Products

Solar Floodlighting

The use of floodlighting is often limited by being grid powered. We recognized that not only is solar floodlighting feasible, it is also more affordable. The simplicity of the system eliminates the high costs associated with trenching or installing an overhead hydro service to power floodlights for billboards. Our solar floodlighting systems allow you to simply "plug and play" reducing skilled labour costs for installation.


ST-FL1-2: Dual 1 Watt LED Floodlight, 4 Watt Solar Panel
ST-FL2: 2 Watt LED, 4 Watt Solar Panel
ST-FL7: 7 Watt LED, 20 Watt Solar Panel
ST-FL10: 10 Watt LED, 40 Watt Solar Panel
ST-FL22: 22 Watt LED, 100 Watt Solar Panel
ST-FL100: 100 Watt LED, 2 x 250 Watt Solar Panel

For more info, visit our solar sign lighting section 



Solar Street Lighting

Street lighting can be a complex part of plaza, parking lot, roadway or pathway design due to a network of high voltage wiring that must be thoroughly planned. Adding lighting to an existing paved parking lot can also be challenging, requiring directional boring machines to run conduit for wiring while not destroying the paved surface above. Our solution was to develop a solar street lighting system that would be sufficiently bright and be totally self contained and autonomous. We have models ranging from 16 Watt LED pathway lights to 110 Watt LED roadway lights which include decorative fixtures and poles. 


ST-60-16: 60 Watt Solar Panel, 16 Watt LED
ST-150-36: 150 Watt Solar Panel, 36 Watt LED
ST-250-55: 250 Watt Solar Panel, 55 Watt LED
ST-500-110: 2 x 250 Watt Solar Panels, 110 Watt LED

For more info, visit our solar street lighting section