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The Ontario Power Authority's Feed-in Tariff program has sparked a lot of interest in grid tied solar in Ontario. Through the microFIT program, you are paid for every kWh of electricity you produce with your microFIT solar system for 20 years under a contract with the OPA; 80.2 cents for roof mounted solar systems, and 64.2 cents per kWh for ground mounted solar systems such as dual axis trackers. In order to participate in microFIT you must install a grid tied solar photovoltaic system that meet the 2011 Ontario domestic content requirement of 60%, and you must sell your power back to the electricity grid. Participating in microFIT can actually yeild a high return on investment by investing in green energy (a ROI of up to 15% per year).

Solar Trader provides Ontario made domestic content compliant solar systems, turnkey solar packages, and diy microfit solar system kits for the Ontario Feed-in Tariff program. We also provide a number of grid tied solar systems for net metering as well.


To learn more about microFIT or FIT, go to our FIT Program section.