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Ontario's Feed-in Tariff Programs

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What is the Feed-in Tariff?

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) introduced the Feed-in Tariff programs to help diversify Ontario's energy landscape with the aim of increasing power production from renewable energy sources to  approximately 10 to 15 percent of Ontario's supply mix by 2018. The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program was created by the Ontario Power Authority to encourage Ontario to install solar panel systems and in turn make money off solar power. This will enable Ontario to shut down all of its coal fired plants by 2014. To reach this goal, Ontario is offering incentives to install renewable energy generation plants of all sizes. The greatest incentives are for solar PV. However, with the fall election comes much uncertainty about the FIT program. This may mean that after the fall election, the price schedule rates for microFIT and FIT projects may drop. Get your application in now to be safe!

MicroFIT is a program where homeowners and business owners can install a solar micro generation plant (10 kW and under) and be paid a guaranteed rate of 39.6 cents/kWh for the power your solar system produces under a 20 year contract. Return on investment can reach as high as 20% annually for MicroFIT project owners.

Fit is a program aimed at large building owners and land developers to install large scale solar power generation facilities up to 10 MW. FIT project owners are paid a guaranteed rate for 20 years for each kWh of energy their solar system produces.

2013 microFIT Price Schedule

MicroFIT Version 3.0 Contract Compared to Version 2.0 Contract

MicroFIT Version 3.0 Rules Compared to Version 2.0


Ontario's New Feed-in Tarrif Price Schedule

Released August 28 2013

Installation TypeSystem SizeOld FIT Price (¢/kWh)New FIT Price (¢/kWh)% Change 
Roof Mounted≤ 10 kW54.939.6-27.9
Root Mounted> 10 kW ≤ 100 kW54.834.5-37.0
Roof Mounted> 100 ≤ 500 kW53.932.9-38.9
Roof Mounted> 500 kW48.7tbd
Ground Mounted≤ 10 kW44.529.1-34.6
Ground Mounted> 10 kW ≤ 500 kW38.828.8


 Ground Mounted > 500 ≤ 5 MW35.0tbd
 Ground Mounted > 5 MW34.7tbd

Key Changes To The MicroFIT Program


    • Solar prices have been reduced to reflect decreased costs in equipment.
    • The OPA will accept applications until either the 30 MW microFIT procurement target is reached, or December 31, 2013. At that point the OPA will begin accepting applications under the 2014 50 MW procurement target. Any unused capacity from the 30 MW procurement target will be added to the 2014 50 MW procurement target.
    • The domestic content requirements for new microFIT contracts are as follows:

      • For solar photovoltaic, (PV) facilities utilizing crystalline silicon PV technology, the minimum domestic content levels shall be 22 per cent.
      • For solar photovoltaic, (PV) facilities utilizing thin-film PV technology, the minimum required domestic content level shall be 28 per cent.
      • For solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities utilizing concentrated PV technology the minimum required domestic content level shall be 19 per cent.