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Enphase M215 - 240 VAC


  Price: $200.00 CAD
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Enphase Energy are the industry leaders in micro inverter technology. Their innovative micro inverter renders string inverters obsolete because it outperforms string inverters in every aspect. Enphase micro inverters are assembled at Flextronics Canada in Newmarket, Ontario which designates the micro inverters to contribute 9% Ontario content according to the Ontario domestic content rules qualifying these micro inverters for use in microFIT and FIT applications.


Enphase M215 240 VAC is to be used in single phase installations with up to 17 panels per branch circuit.  


Benefits of Micro Inverters


Productive Maximizes Energy Harvest

§     Per module MPPT


§     No module mismatch issues (string/module)


§     Not affected by shading (obstruction, seasonal, inter-row, debris)


§     Low power high efficiency (burst mode)


§     Greater system uptime and availability (No single point of system failure)


§     Field test data (5-25% additional harvest)



Reliable Highest System Reliability

§     Greater system uptime and availability (No single point of system failure)


§     Soft switching design reduces heat and component stress (low internal temp rise)


§     Engineering staff draws from many years of telecom experience designing highly reliable products


§     Rugged performance (149°F, NEMA6)


§     Low thermal profile (same heat distributed over more devices)


§     Immediate reporting of system problem


§     No fans, sealed enclosure


§     Replace inverters during routine maintenance (when convenient)


§     Greater surge tolerance, not susceptible to lightning (multiple short DC exposure)



Smart – Simplify Design, Installation and Management - Maximum ROI

§     Safe (no 600Vdc, no NFPA issues)


§     Total flexibility in system design


§     No string sizing (no marginal designs)


§     Unlimited module configuration options


§     Advanced visualization and analytics


§     Remote real-time access anywhere via web


§     High quality data visualization (How well is it working?)


§     Module to module comparison


§     AI analytics


§     Push reporting (configurable alerts)


§     Invisible inverter placement (aesthetics, heat, noise, size, weight)


§     Lowers installation costs


§     No DC BOS (combiner boxes, DC wire, DC switch, DC conduit)


§     No heavy lifting equipment


§     Minimizes highly skilled labor



View the specs sheet.

View the Enphase 25 year warranty.