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Solar panels are clean and environmentally friendly means of collecting free solar energy. Consisting of photovoltaic cells, solar PV panels make use of renewable energy from the sun by converting sunlight into electricity. The difference between solar PV panels and solar thermal collectors (also called solar hot water panels) is that solar PV panels feed off daylight from the sun and solar thermal collectors feed off the heat of the sun. Solar thermal panels for homes have a dark, low emissivity material which absorbs the sun's radiant heat and efficiently transfers that energy to an insulated storage tank. Solar thermal panels for pools use the same basic principles to heat the water that is pumped through the panels by your pool pump.

With the growing popularity in renewable energy, new uses for solar energy appear. Clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly, solar thermal panels are one of the offspring.

Here at Solar Trader we provide a wealth of information about solar thermal systems. You can learn how solar thermal panels work, how they are manufactured and installed, and how to buy solar thermal systems in Ontario.

At Solar Trader we will:

  • Help you learn about solar thermal systems and understand how they work
  • Help you offset your hydro bill, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Custom engineer your solar thermal system
  • Provide an expert installation by our highly skilled workforce
  • Make the most from your investment

We supply and install solar thermal systems throughout Ontario, providing high quality, efficient and affordable solar thermal systems for residential and commercial applications.

If you are looking for more detailed information about solar thermal panels, want a solar thermal system to be installed on your house or building or are looking for solar thermal system installers in Ontario, Solar Trader is always at your service. Contact us by phone or email and our experts will be glad to answer all your questions concerning solar thermal systems.