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Did you know that in many cases it is actually cheaper to live off solar power than to be connected to the electricity grid? It's true.

When the electric power is unavailable or too expensive, off grid solar systems make perfect alternative. Having installed an off grid solar power system, you can rest assured with highly efficient energy source. There are various types of off grid solar systems, depending on your needs and budget.

At Solar Trade we make off grid solar system installation easy. We provide a wide variety of off grid solar systems. In adiition, we can also provide you with a custom off grid solar system.

Consider this:

1) You are building a cottage on an island and have to run expensive underwater cabling to power your lake house. You may be paying upwards of $50,000 to have underground hydro lines installed, and then you still have to pay for electricity!

An off grid cottage solar system may only cost you approximately $20,000 to install, saving you over $30,000 and giving you free environmentally friendly electricity.

2) You are building a cabin in the woods, a quarter mile from any nearby road. It may cost you nearly $40,000 to string new hydro lines to the site.

In this application, you can install an off grid solar system for your cabin's remote power needs. It will only cost you approximately $20,000 to install your system, giving you free and affordable green energy.

Solar Trader is Ontario's number 1 provider of off grid solar solar systems in all Ontario. Whether you are looking for the opportunity to go completely off the electricity grid or just want to offset your electricity bill with solar power, then we have the right off grid solar system for you. We can customize your off grid solar system to meet your needs for any off grid application.

We offer do it yourself (DIY) off grid solar power kits which are cost effective and easy to install as well as a number of off grid inverters, charge controllers, solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, and even solar water pumping kits. We service the whole Ontario including Muskoka, Bracebridge, Huntsville, Barrie, Orillia, Lake of Bays, Parry Sound, Kawartha Lakes, Algonquin Park, Barry's Bay, and we can ship anywhere in Canada and the US.

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from off grid solar power.