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Eclipsall 245 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel


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Eclipsall manufactures high quality, high efficiency solar modules in Toronto, Ontario. Eclipsall solar panels qualify as 15% Ontario content for FIT and 13% Ontario content for microFIT, based on the 2011 Ontario Domestic Content Rules.


Explore the Benefits of Industry-Leading Quality


Superior Performance


  • Efficiency over 15%
  • Positive power tolerance range +/- 1% maximizing value per watt



Industry-leading Warranties


  • Performance warranty with a linear degradation over a 25 year period
    • 97% of the Rated Maximum Power at year 1
    • At least 94.9% at year 3
    • At least 83% at year 20





  • Highest quality raw materials and equipment suppliers
  • Impact and load tested to 5400Pa





  • Designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions





  • Globally recognized European manufacturing technology
  • Research innovations from leading performance expert, Dr. Ronald F.M. Lange


Eclipsall's industry leading Linear Power Guarantee and 10 year warranty on construction is a testiment to their commitment to quality.



Eclipsall NRG 60 Data Sheet
Eclipsall NRG 60 Black Data Sheet
Eclipsall NRG 60 Warranty
Eclipsall Ontario Domestic Content Letter