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Deger 9000NT Dual Axis Tracker


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The Deger 9000NT dual axis tracker can accomodate up to 42 panels on a single unit which translates to less installation cost than a typical dual unit system. However due to the larger surface area of the solar array, wind speeds should be carefully considered. Deger trackers are microFIT and FIT compliant.


DEGERenergie is the number one tracker producer in Ontario, and for three reasons: quality, experience, and production.




Every Deger tracker for the microFIT program is customer engineered to suit each specific site. Data is taken during each site visit which allows Deger engineers to produce a tracker that best suits the installation site.





Deger has been producing dual axis trackers since 1999. With more than 25,000 trackers totaling over 160 MWp installed worldwide, Deger has had many years to work out the bugs.





Deger trackers use state of the are photosensors which position the tracker towards the brightest spot in the sky to optimize production. This system takes advantage of diffuse light situations, such as cloudy days or reflection off snow. The result is a 45% increased energy production over a fixed tilt system.


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