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The following steps will help you learn about the FIT Program and how to register.

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For more info please visit the OPA's FIT program website 

What Can FIT Do For You?
Installing a solar system and participating in Ontario's FIT program has numerous benefits. A FIT solar system can:
  • Earn a steady stream of low risk, predictable and guaranteed income for 20 years with a short payback period of 5-6 years
  • Earn a return on investment of up to 20% which is virtually unattainable by the market
  • Offset your facility's power usage
  • Provide clean, renewable energy for Ontario homes and businesses to use
  • Lessen the cost of peak power demand periods and electricity grid upgrades for Ontario

FIT Price Schedule

What Can Solar Trader Offer?

With over 4 years of helping our customers participate in the FIT program, you can rest assured that Solar Trader has the experience you need. Our staff has provided design, procurement, and installation services for numerous projects across Ontario covering virtually every type of roof installation as well as being involved in custom projects. Our team has a vast knowledge of solar products and works closely with manufacturers to ensure your system is designed with optimal efficiency, simplicity, and longevity in mind. 

Solar Trader has been involved in FIT projects involving:

Commercial Low Pitch Steel Roofs                                     Poultry Barn Metal Roofs With Wooden Trusses

Tar and Gravel & Asphalt Shingle Flat Roofs                       500 kW Ground Mounted Solar Systems